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Our Services Include

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Disease Management​

Education About Your Respiratory Condition​

What sets Medical West apart is the education we share along with providing medical equipment and services. Our Disease Management Program is designed to educate and assist treating specific diagnoses, such as COPD, with the care and concern patients deserve. We work with providers and referrals to ensure patients have treatment options to improve their daily health-related quality of life.
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Durable Medical Equipment​

Medical Devices for Long-Term or Everyday Use

DME aids our patients to live more comfortably and independently day-by-day. We aim to help patients live a more convenient and active life. Equipment includes but is not limited to: Hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, bath benches, grab bars and more!
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Enteral Therapy

Hydration and Nutrition

Medical West offers Enteral Services with extensive formulary options along with supplies for different methods of administration. We have a Nutritionist & Registered Dietician on staff to provide personal and individualized care for our patients.
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Home INR Testing​

Weekly Self-Testing and Supplies

Medical West offers an option to monitor your PT/INR levels from the comfort of your home through our affiliate mdINR®. With Home INR testing, you can monitor weekly, monthly, or as prescribed by your provider with timely results.

Nebulizer Therapy​

Breathing Treatments

Your provider may prescribe a Nebulizer to assist with breathing issues such as Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, COPD and Emphysema. Nebulizer Therapy administers medications via inhalation directly to respiratory system.
Oxygen WhiteMale SittingOnCouch OxygenConcentrator RespironicsEverflow 5LPM

Oxygen Therapy

Stationary and Portable

Oxygen Therapy may be ordered to treat symptoms from respiratory conditions. Oxygen Therapy can assist with breathing, energy, activity & sleep.
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Mail Delivered Prescriptions

For convenience and peace of mind, most medications used for Nebulizer Therapy can be ordered through our affiliated Mail Order Pharmacy. Medication delivered directly to your home instead of trips to the pharmacy.
Sleep Apnea BlackMaleOlderPatient Smiling SleepinginBed

Sleep Therapy

PAP and Bilevel PAP Treatments

Sleep Therapy utilizes the assistance of PAP devices to treat sleep apnea and the symptoms that come along with this diagnosis. Respiratory Therapists are on staff at Medical West to provide PAP setups and education. Medical West works with your provider to provide the best possible care so patients can have the successful night of sleep they deserve.

Ventilators ​

Non-invasive and Invasive Home Ventilation

Ventilators are used to treat chronic respiratory disorders and can help alleviate symptoms. Ventilator therapy at home is an option to keep your day-to-day as normal as possible. Ventilators do not have to be scary, there are many types of Ventilator usage options, and our Respiratory Therapist are here to educate and assist patients and providers with this process.

Wound Care​

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy is used to treat wounds that require additional help with healing.

Disclaimer: Certain services are offered by affiliated entities.

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