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Compression Therapy

Knitted with graduated weave that works like a massage, stockings and sleeves restore blood flow and support your venous system. Our compression therapists measure, fit and demonstrate options... choosing from ready-made stockings, custom garments, pneumatic modalities, bandaging wraps and night garments.

Pam Dugan

Compression Manager | Clayton
Pam has been with Medical West since 1994.

Lena Archambo

Compression Associate | Clayton

Lisa Ackerman

Healthcare Associate | St. Peter's

Chris Farhner

Compression Associate | South County

Customer Care

Customer Care

Tammie White

Customer Care Manager | Clayton


Value, absorbency, fit, skin care are key components to consider when selecting incontinence products. Medical West staff will discuss your needs and direct you to products we know to be effective. Our complimentary sampling program is so helpful, as is our convenient home delivery program so you always have product!


Medical Equipment

Providing comfort, safety, mobility and independence are the cornerstones of Medical West's medical equipment department. Our expert staff help you select from a wide variety of product lines, with individual attention given to your goals, needs and abilities. Walkers, canes, lift chairs, beds, bathroom safety, independence aids and more are displayed in our welcoming healthcare centers.

Guy Walton

Director - Medical Equipment | South County
Guy has been with Medical West since 1983.

Keith Enstall

Branch Manager | St. Peter's

John Wienstroer

Assistant Branch Manager | St. Peter's

Katie Doering

DME Team Lead | Clayton

Andrew Cunningham

DME Associate | Clayton


Expert, private consultations are based on anatomy and physiology increasing your shoe needs.

David Patek

Certified Shoe Fitter

Prosthesis | Women's Boutique

The moment you walk into our lovely, private boutique you are greeted by a staff of fitters dedicated to the art of achieving balance after breast surgery. We provide a wonderful collection of bras, prostheses, equalizers and compression garments. We help women dress themselves with joy!

Dayle Sandler

Managing Director- Prosthesis | Clayton

Deborah Enstall

Prosthesis Associate | Clayton

Kimberley Brungard

Prosthesis Associate

Sally Mayfield

Prothesis Associate | Clayton

Personal Care Department (Wound, Ostomy, Incontinence)

In private treatment rooms, the Medical West staff provides personal instruction on stoma care, diet, appliance use, odor control, and skin care. The myriad of products developed for ostomy care can be confusing and overwhelming. Medical West professionals guide each patient in the selection of products specific to their needs. Because our stock of supplies is extensive, just the right combination can be found. If ready-made appliances fail to satisfy, custom-made appliances are available. Counseling Physicians refer their patients to us for stoma site marking, consultations on the psycho-social aspects of managing an ostomy, and to familiarize them with the products they will use post-operatively. These visits contribute to a patients’ successful acceptance of their lifestyle change.

Zoe Shepard | RN, BSN, COCN

Enterstomal Therapy Nurse | Clayton
Zoe has been with Medical West since 1991.

Katelyn Linneman

Personal Care Department Manager | Clayton
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