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Medical West Website

Medical West Website

1. Is there a way to pay my invoice on the Medical West website?

Yes. There is 'Pay On Invoice' button on the home page of our website, and this button takes you to a secure gateway to pay on your invoice.

2. Is there a full list of locations and their hours?

Yes. In the navigation of the website there is a locations button, and there is a full list of all of Medical West's locations on that page. Depending on your display screen, you may need to scroll below the map to see the full list of locations.

3. How do I sign up for the monthly Medical West e-newsletter?

You can sign up for the e-newsletter on our website, or by following this link. You can also see past issues of our newsletter in the Newsletter Archives.

4. I'm having trouble finding specific products I need, what do I do?

Currently, we do not show all of our products on our website. However, our website is growing and developing to better serve you. Medical West has affordable quality solutions for all of your home healthcare needs. With a full range of medical equipment and supplies, Medical West will provide you with both superior products and a knowledgeable staff. If you need something but don't see if on the site, give us a call! (800)-489-1888

5. Does Medical West offer weekly or monthly rentals?

Yes. We have a wide selection of rental equipment available for short and long term rentals. On the Rental Request Form there is a list of all rental equipment at the bottom of the page. You can use your cursor to hover over the items on that list, and it will display an image of that equipment.

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1. I've been everywhere! What makes Medical West different?

Our customer service is second to none! Also, allowing our customers to try before you buy and customizing samples to fit specific needs certainly sets us apart.

2. Do you offer free samples?

Yes! Our incontinence department offers a sampling program to every customer in need of assistance choosing the right product for them! We carry a wide range of products to ensure the correct fit and absorbency level. Our experienced staff can help to assess your specific needs to create a tailor-made sample selection.

3. How fast will my products arrive?

Our products are shipped via either a courier service, Fed Ex or UPS. Delivery time depends on the proximity to our warehouses. It could be anywhere from same day service to 5 days delivery time. For a delivery estimate to a specific location, please call us at 800-489-1888.

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1. Why should I use my oxygen?

Once it is determined that you need supplemental oxygen by nasal cannula it is important that you use it exactly as the doctor ordered. If your oxygen level (saturation) drops below 90% this requires you heart to work harder to pump the poorly oxygenated blood to you vital organs. When your heart works harder it puts undue stress on it as well as the rest of your body.

2. Why should I use my CPAP machine?

Untreated sleep apnea symptoms 'sneak up' on you. Early on, you may only show signs of daytime sleepiness, low energy, and an unhappy bed partner. As time goes by high blood pressure and resulting cardiac problems can result in much more serious health issues. So,at least 4 - 6 hours EVERY NIGHT of CPAP use will provide you with increased energy, decreased daytime sleepiness, a rested bed partner and decreased risk of cardiac problems.

3. I have so much water coming through my mask, what should I do?

The machine works in conjunction with the moisture in the room/atmosphere. For instance, if it has been rainy lately, you may need to decrease the humidity level on the machine. The machine will use the moisture in the room and then also pull water from the water chamber/humidifier. This results in an excess of moisture/water. it can gather in the tubing creating a gurgling sound and even spray through your mask on your face. In these cases, we recommend turning down the humidifier to a lower level. However, since it is a comfort feature on the machine, when the room/atmosphere dries up again and you feel like you need more moisture, feel free to turn it up again as needed.

4. My machine is turning itself off, what do I need to do to keep it on?

At times the auto off is activated and if the your mask is leaking enough it may cause the unit to power off. You can access auto off/on in the set up mode. You may also try to unplug device from extension cord or surge protector, and plug directly into wall.

5. My mask is whistling/vibrating/flapping, what should I do?

You need to tighten the mask or get a new cushion. However, if the straps are already tight you can increase the humidity, because 'moist' air seems to seal easier than dry.

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1. Will insurance pay for my oral supplements, like Boost and Ensure?

Unfortunately, when supplements are taken by mouth they are not covered by insurance.

2. Can I purchase 1-2 supplements instead of the whole case to see if I like the taste?

Yes. We can sell most supplements by the "each" for sampling purposes.

3. What is the minimum purchase for free delivery?

There is a $50.00 minimum order to receive free delivery.

4. Do I need a prescription for oral supplements?

Most supplements do not require a doctor's prescription. If used for a tube feeding, an MD order is required.

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1.Why would I need a script for medical stockings?

To ensure proper fit and the maximum therapeutic benefit, it is important to have the appropriate gradient of compression stockings that is prescribed by your doctor. This script will help the certified fitters know which medical stockings will best serve you.

2. Does my insurance cover my medical stockings?

The fitters at Medical West would be happy to verify your insurance for you. In regard to medical stockings, there are some private insurances that will cover medical stockings, but Medicare will not cover your medical stockings.

3. How do medical stockings help me?

When Medical stockings are worn properly they can slow the progression of vein disease and promote circulation. The stockings support the weakened veins so this allows the veins to carry the blood flow back to the heart.

4. How long do medical stockings last?

To ensure the best therapeutic results from medical stockings, they should be worn every day and replaced every six months.

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1. Can I do activities such as swimming and showering with the bag?

Absolutely. If you decide to go swimming you might want to reinforce the appliance with waterproof tape or barrier strips. It is recommended to limit time in the water and in the sun. When you get out of the water, you need to use the cool settings and blow dry the appliance. When you are bathing or showering you can leave the pouch off, but have one ready to go when done. It is your personal preference if you want to have the bag on or off in the shower.

2. Is there a fee for a visit with the ostomy nurse?

Counseling Physicians refer their patients to us for stoma site marking, consultations on the psycho-social aspects of managing an ostomy, and to familiarize them with the products they will use post-operatively. These visits contribute to your successful acceptance of your lifestyle change. There is a fee for a visit with our Enterstomal Therapy Nurses. In private treatment rooms, the Medical West staff provides personal instruction on stoma care, diet, appliance use, odor control, and skin care. The myriad of products developed for ostomy care can be confusing and overwhelming. Our nurses guide each patient in the selection of products specific to their needs. Because our stock of supplies is extensive, just the right combination can be found. If ready-made appliances fail to satisfy, custom-made appliances are available.The Ostomy Nurse Consultation fee includes that first visit plus two follow-up visits within six weeks.

3. Why is there a limit on the time to use the follow-ups?

Follow-ups are important to ensure that all products and practices are working for you. If there are unresolved issues, it is important to address them within a the recommended 6 week time period. However, this cutoff is at the nurse's discretion for a very difficult case how many and how long the follow-ups are in effect.

4. Can I pay the nurse to continue to change my bag?

We understand that with a lifestyle change such as this you may feel more comfortable having the nurse continue to change your bag. However, our services are a form of rehab to help you transition to your new lifestyle. Our nurses provide solutions and education to help you independently care for yourself when you get home.

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1. Do I need a prescription to get a knee brace?

You only need a prescription from a physician when you want to bill insurance. If you simply want to be measured and fit for a knee brace and pay out of pocket, you do not need a prescription. (This is also true for other orthopedic braces).

2. Do I need an appointment to be seen in the Orthopedic department?

We accept walk-ins, but appointments are highly recommended.

3. My back is really hurting, do you have anything that will make it feel better?

We have a variety of items that address back pain: back braces, moist heat for the back, and lumbar cushions. We recommend you speak with your physician to determine the most appropriate treatment options.

4. I have been diagnoses with carpal tunnel by my doctor, and my doctor has recommended a brace. Do you have something for carpal tunnel?

Yes, we have carpal tunnel, cock-up wrist splints. They are sometimes billable to insurance companies, so ask your doctor if they can write a prescription for this recommended item. Then we can check your insurance for coverage.

5. Do you have TENS units?

Yes, we have TENS units at Medical West. We must have a prescription from your physician for the TENS unit on file to dispense this item.

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