What to Eat and Drink During Incontinence

When you are experiencing incontinence there are several kinds of foods and drinks you should avoid. If you are already having problems with your body in this matter, you should try and avoid these things in order to not make the problem worse. You will want to avoid any kind of caffeine drinks, such as soda or coffee, if they upset your stomach. Caffeine will stimulate the bladder and will increase the amount of urine produced. This will cause more accidents and may increase the likelihood of accidents. There are certain types of cured or smoked meats, such as sausage, ham, or turkey that can be a problem in some cases. You will need to figure out if these types of foods make your incontinence worse in order to know if you need to cut them out of your diet.

Spicy foods can be an issue for a lot of us, but if you are experiencing any kind of incontinence, any kind of spicy food can be dangerous. Sometimes it is said that spicy foods can cause many stomach related conditions. It is recommended that if you must eat spicy food, you must try and minimize the amount you eat in one seating. Drinking any kind of alcohol can also be an issue for incontinence. Alcohol can actually be a cause of incontinence because alcohol is a diuretic, which means it can stimulate the kidneys, in turn producing more urine. It is strongly recommended that you do not drink alcohol while you are experiencing incontinence. Any kind of acidic foods and drinks may also irritate the bladder and cause the problem to become worse. If you really enjoy these types of foods, at least try to cut down on the amount you eat.

This may seem like a lot of things to avoid but these are only to be avoided as a caution so as to not make your problem worse. You must be sure to drink mostly water and make sure it is at a reasonable amount. Be sure to not drink a lot of fluids close to bed time in order to avoid accidents. The best thing to do is to do your research and find out which of these things is causing the incontinence or maybe just making it worse and avoid them. Everyone’s body is different so it is important for you to figure out what the best diet is for you.

Incontinence is hard enough to deal with by itself, much less having certain foods make the problem last longer. Be sure to discuss any issues you may be having with your doctor in order to find out exactly what you should do. The main thing is to be sure you are still getting the nutrients you need, while not making your incontinence worse. Incontinence may be a problem in your life, but there are ways to make it a little better.